NFT Land Claim | Everything you need to know 🌖

Browser-based game dashboard LIVE — 1st March 2PM UTC

Cost: stake 1000 $DARK. You can unstake your $DARK anytime. In case of unstaking, the land NFT will be burned. First come, first served, no limit per wallet.

Total supply: between 2000 and 2500

Type: deflationary. No more lands will be minted on the moon, and the number will be reduce in case of unstaking. The next land mint is planned on another planet, not before the game is released. The lands from the second locations will have other features than on the moon.

Trading: You will be able to trade your land NFT in the marketplace (coming up soon). Rewards are transferable, meaning — your land accumulates value and only land owner can claim the rewards.

25 random land owners will receive a pack of Mystery NFTs 🎁

Benefits for land owners 👩‍🚀🌒

Game development PHASE 1 (before the main game release):

💎Mine crystals and cash them out to $DARK. The rewards will be dynamic (different every week).

Game development PHASE 2 (close and during the main game release):

👉 The main purpose of owning land on the moon, is to be eligible to claim attractive and continuously updated gamification rewards 🎁

⛰ Your land — your base. Build additional buildings and infrastructure that help you achieve your in-game goals quicker and unlock special NFT crafting options. For example, a spaceship workshop to craft and upgrade your flying vehicle. You will be eligible to craft or otherwise acquire unique moon-based benefits, collectibles, and special NFT items.

👩‍🚀 The more land you own, the more in-game resources you will be able to obtain or boost. Enjoy additional oxygen boosts as well as in-game credits.

Limited time events in-game for land holders and unique opportunities to participate in quick-play, quick-mint events.

Please note that the exact benefits will be always updated and adjusted to blend well with the overall game economy and Play to Immerse integration ⚡️

How to claim your land👩‍🚀🌒

  1. Have 1000 $DARK in your Metamask wallet
  2. Go to starting from 2PM UTC and wait for the claim button to appear
  3. Login to application using metamask — other options currently disabled due to limitation, but they will be available soon.

4. Sign your login request — does not cost anything for the transaction:

5. Navigate to the land staking page where you will see your crystals (rewards growing) — rewards are generating throughout the periods of time in random time windows. The first time you login, you will not have any lands and you will have to claim one by staking $DARK.

6. Every land costs 1000 $DARK tokens to craft. Rewards are transferable, meaning — your land accumulates value and only land owner can claim the rewards. Once you withdraw your invested tokens, the land NFT is burned.

Have any questions? Please contact our 24/7 support on Telegram and Discord.

Happy claiming!

About Dark Frontiers

“Dark Frontiers” is the newest, gamified space realm governed by a Gamestarter produced DAO. As NFT standards and values are shifting towards promoting use-cases, Dark Frontiers’ goal is to drive mainstream adoption by enhancing the usability of NFTs through staking, item ownership, and the creation of real-world value through in-game items.

Embarking on the gamified metaverse, players will pilot their own spaceship and conquer new planets, defeat oppositions, form guilds and capture new and unique NFTs that can either be built on or sold on the open markets.

The $DARK token in Dark Frontiers will cover an array of opportunities. For players interested in dominating entire sections of a universe, say, by owning a moon, or a planet, they can use this digital plot of land to earn interest on their $DARK. The token will not only be used for staking, but players can also purchase and upgrade their starship Galactica’s using $DARK. After upgrading your ship for universal domination, you are prepared to stand head-to-head with other opponents that are in your way!

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Dark Frontiers

Dark Frontiers


Dark Frontiers is a P2E virtual world, produced by and powered by $DARK