Music Competition Winners 🏆

Wow, what a talented community we have — so many amazing entries! We really had fun with this one.

Now let’s get straight to the WINNERS and divide the 4500 $DARK pool 🏆🎶.

🥇1st place — 1500 $DARK

@Grinte4. I envisioned this track to be played in a scene like this: The astronaut has landed on a strange and mysterious planet. The astronaut gets out of the spaceship and starts walking and discovering this planet. It is late afternoon — almost night time, it is foggy and cold. The astronaut is slowly walking around and starts seeing bits and pieces that suggest that someone was here before. As those objects become more apparent and frequent the tension rises. And then, at one point big and monumental structures of an old and lost civilization appear through the fog to the astronaut. At that point the feeling of fear and tension turn into the feeling of awe and amazement.

🥈2nd place — 1000 $DARK

@dannydepp. One could say that you’re exploring a hostile, forgotten planet in search of something important to you. The deeper you go the more beautiful the surrounding chaos becomes. On the contrary, one could also say that you are being chased by ancient creatures inside of a cave that is on the verge of collapsing, jumping from platform to platform, as the rocks give way below you. An intermingling of danger and curiosity, and an unconventional blend of mystery and urgency, are all but a few words to describe a potential setting for desolation and wonder.

🥉3rd place — 600 $DARK

@Maupremier. This clip is played when you’re exploring a space cave, some caves may be darker than others but the tension of the music must be the same among them.

🎖Honorable mentions — 250 $DARK each

@1iAMBeatMaker. I envision this track to be played during any dramatic or intense transition that may take place in the game. Maybe crossing over into a wormhole or going past a point of no return.

@grijisss. I think this track could be played in extreme scenes, or in a boss fight!

@br0jka. I can hear this playing during space travel/loading screen. This also has a main menu kind of vibe as well.

@Crypto_Gabo. This song can be used as an opening song of the video game, or can be used in moments of stress / combat.

👩‍🚀Community winners

🎉🎉🎉100 $DARK each: @papaneedledoc, @EdwinSisa6 , @dVsX6ny6xQWqdRJ, @uume82

All winners will be contacted on Twitter by our team 💙 Good job everyone, and stay tuned for the next community event 🚀

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