How to Earn $DARK on Pancakeswap (LP Farm V1) and Get Awesome Rewards 🎁 — Closed

This LP Staking Farm is closed, please stake your $DARK following the instructions HERE.

The $DARK token is available on Pancakeswap, where you can trade it against BUSD. And to incentivize our community to add liquidity to this pair, we are offering 300k $DARK tokens as rewards.

First, you need to go into Pancakeswap, add the liquidity to the DARK/BUSD pair and get the LP token. Then, go to TokensFarm and stake the LP token to earn extra DARK.

It may sound a little complicated if this is your first time. To make it easier, we are providing a step-by-step below together with a walkthrough video (coming soon).

The rewards:

💰 300k $DARK reward: 300 000 $DARK tokens are locked in the liquidity provider pool as a reward for participants.

🎉 Top stakers’ reward: top 10 stakers will receive 5 Tier 1and 5 Tier 2 spacesuit NFTs from Dark Frontiers at the end of the program

🤩 Stakers’ lottery: 15 lucky stakers will share 15 Mystery NFTs as an extra bonus at the end of the program.

🎁 Winners:

Congratulations to the top 10 stakers! You will be able to play Dark Frontiers with the best of the best spacesuits!

T1 Gamma spacesuit (2nd Generation Gamestarter Limited Edition):

T2 Beta spacesuit (2nd Generation Gamestarter Limited Edition):

Congratulations to the 15 lucky stakers who will each get a T3 Alpha spacesuit (2nd Generation Gamestarter Limited Edition):


👩‍🚀 How to claim: The minting time of Gamestarter Limited Edition NFTs is scheduled to be in late January / early February. There will be a separate dashboard for claiming your NFTs on

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If you have any questions, our support team is happy to help 24/7 on Telegram or Discord.

Steps to start staking DARK

1. Go to the DARK staking page on TokenFarm

Here you will see a link to the Pancakeswap LP farm:
Add liquidity to get DARK-BUSD LP Tokens

2. Now that you are in the right pool on Pancakeswap, connect your wallet. Then enter the amount of liquidity you wish to provide to the liquidity pool. Keep in mind that you must provide the same value in BUSD as in DARK.

Click on supply. Once you successfully supplied the liquidity, you will receive the corresponding amount of LP tokens.

3. You can now head back to TokenFarm to start staking the LP token:

First, connect your wallet to TokensFarm. Now you can deposit the LP token. Enter the desired amount. Click on stake. When you submit your LP tokens successfully, the staking mechanism goes into action, and your rewards will start accumulating based on the APY.

Where to buy DARK tokens

We are listed on and PancakeSwap.

(add the BSC contract address of DARK: 0x12fc07081fab7de60987cad8e8dc407b606fb2f8)

How to withdraw your tokens

On Tokens Farm
To withdraw your LP tokens, click on the “Withdraw & Harvest” button and select the amount of LP token you wish to withdraw from the farm.

On Pancakeswap
To withdraw your BUSD/DARK tokens, visit the Pancakeswap pool interface, select the BUSD/DARK pool, click on “remove” and enter the amount you wish to remove.

About Dark Frontiers

“Dark Frontiers” is the newest, gamified space realm governed by a Gamestarter produced DAO. As NFT standards and values are shifting towards promoting use-cases, Dark Frontiers’ goal is to drive mainstream adoption by enhancing the usability of NFTs through staking, item ownership, and the creation of real-world value through in-game items.

Embarking on the gamified metaverse, players will pilot their own spaceship and conquer new planets, defeat oppositions, form guilds and capture new and unique NFTs that can either be built on or sold on the open markets.

The $DARK token in Dark Frontiers will cover an array of opportunities. For players interested in dominating entire sections of a universe, say, by owning a moon, or a planet, they can use this digital plot of land to earn interest on their $DARK. The token will not only be used for staking, but players can also purchase and upgrade their starship Galactica’s using $DARK. After upgrading your ship for universal domination, you are prepared to stand head-to-head with other opponents that are in your way!

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