Dark Frontiers NFTs to be featured on Binance marketplace

Binance NFT, a major NFT marketplace, is revealed to be the first destination for Dark Frontiers’ highly anticipated Spacesuit NFT Drop. Users of the number one exchange in crypto will be able to access exclusive-to-Binance spacesuit NFTs which play a central role in the $DARK gameplay.

Most important playable NFT

Spacesuits are the most important NFTs in the entire Dark Frontiers universe. They’re not only needed for survival in space but also serve as an integral part of gameplay- you cannot survive if your character doesn’t have one! Space is a cold, dark place. It has no atmosphere and absolutely no oxygen! The suit provides safety while exploring unknown territory and protects you when fighting with enemies.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the rarest of them all?

Having the rarest suit, provides some of the biggest advantages in the Dark Frontiers ecosystem, including:

  • Play Dark Frontiers for the longest amount of time
  • The ability to find and mine the most amount of minerals first and convert those minerals into other assets
  • Increased protection against enemy attacks
  • Faster, more agile movement. The lighter the suit, the more difficult receive damage
  • Enjoy additional character skills and attributes
  • Make a space fashion statement!
Not an actual Binancian NFT spacesuit design

Suit types

There will be three kinds of Binancian suits:

Binancian Alpha — Tier 3

2000 total supply | 2 hours of oxygen | 1 random character skill or attribute | Tier 3 armor protection in combat.

Binancian Beta — Tier 2

1000 total supply | 3 hours of oxygen | 2 random character skill or attribute | Tier 2 armor protection in combat.

Not an actual Binancian NFT spacesuit design

Binancian Gamma — Tier 1

Tier 1, most limited suit available, only 500 total supply. The owners of this suit will enjoy unlimited oxygen supply — that means unlimited playtime. Also Tier 1 offers the highest possible protection from enemy attacks, making those treasure hunts much safer! Not to mention it’s the most lightweight suit in existence, allowing you to move faster than anybody else. A true gem!

Stay tuned for the Binancian spacesuit design reveal and listing dates!

About Dark Frontiers

“Dark Frontiers” is the newest, gamified space realm governed by a Gamestarter produced DAO. As NFT standards and values are shifting towards promoting use-cases, Dark Frontiers’ goal is to drive mainstream adoption by enhancing the usability of NFTs through staking, item ownership, and the creation of real-world value through in-game items.

Embarking on the gamified metaverse, players will pilot their own spaceship and conquer new planets, defeat oppositions, form guilds and capture new and unique NFTs that can either be built on or sold on the open markets.

The $DARK token in Dark Frontiers will cover an array of opportunities. For players interested in dominating entire sections of a universe, say, by owning a moon, or a planet, they can use this digital plot of land to earn interest on their $DARK. The token will not only be used for staking, but players can also purchase and upgrade their starship Galactica’s using $DARK. After upgrading your ship for universal domination, you are prepared to stand head-to-head with other opponents that are in your way!

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Dark Frontiers

Dark Frontiers


Dark Frontiers is a P2E virtual world, produced by Gamestarter.com and powered by $DARK