Dark Frontiers In-Depth 2022 Roadmap Review

Last year was a big year for Dark Frontiers. We shook the blockchain gaming world by introducing a next level, state-of-art game Dark Frontiers.

Featuring a never before seen concept of Play to Immerse

By the end of last year, we had a stellar launch on four top-tier launchpads, introduced a cinematic trailer and gameplay trailer, released Binance NFT 3000 fixed-price spacesuits that sold out in 20 minutes, and had the first pre-alpha game Livestream!

This year, we started showing weekly progress in game development, had a land sale that sold out in just a few hours, and launched the dashboard.

Here’s what you can expect to see very soon: continued game development progress, extensive marketing campaign featuring the biggest names in crypto, Gamestarter Edition NFT suit sale, a big $DARK burn, closed-prelaunch for NFT owners, influencers, and active community members.


Here are the expanded roadmap definitions for those of you interested in additional details. Bear in mind some changes might happen. It’s all part of the natural development process. Especially when the project is as ambitious as Dark Frontiers. Presented below are our main development aims for our journey with Dark Frontiers in 2022.

Q1 2022

First gameplay Livestream:
The first sneak peek to the game took place on a BinanceNFT livestream

Watch it here:

Yield-generating land ownership:
Players can own tradeable land plots that can be used for staking and harvesting resources for use in-game or sale.

Integration of NFT marketplace with blockchain:
Dark Frontiers NFT item marketplace integrated with blockchain protocol.

Q2 2022

Exclusive chance to play Dark Frontiers (for NFT-owners only):
Existing NFT owners will be able to play Dark Frontiers and experience quests, enemies, game feel for the first 3 areas (out of 5) of the First planet for a limited time.

Pre-alpha launch! Including full implementation of P2E:
Dark Frontiers Pre-Alpha will launch and stay online with all 5 areas of the 1st planet finished. Player character progression, P2E will work. Regular content updates begin.

New environments, monsters, loot, and expanded storyline:
Final 2 areas of the First planet will be completed (with the continuation of the storyline, distinct enemies, environments, resources).

PvP content:
PvP area(s) on the map will be enabled.

Unveiling of in-game community events:
Regular community events in the form of quests/challenges begin.

Gamestarter NFT spacesuits :
Gamestarter NFT spacesuits will be fully integrated into the game.

$DARK burn:
Periodic $DARK token burn to maintain supply/demand and value.

Extensive marketing campaign:
Marketing effort combining different channels to create and sustain long-term community and investors interest in Dark Frontiers.

Expanded set of available NFTs (equipment, items, gadgets):
An additional set of NFT items will be added to attract mainstream audience to Dark Frontiers.

Activation of NFT merging and upgrading for a new tier of gameplay:
Item combinations, questing, resource gathering pays off — the ability to upgrade NFT items for better stats and gain access to improved performance.

Q3/Q4 2022

Release of Alpha version (PC + MAC):
Dark Frontiers Alpha will officially launch. Regular content updates continue.

Arrival of area bosses, for additional challenges and rewards:
Each area gets its custom boss with unique drops, combat mechanics, and more!

Discovery of a new planet, with distinct settings, quests, enemies, and resources to explore!:
The second planet with stronger enemies, new areas, interplanetary questlines, and better resources launches.

Launch of spaceship NFTs! For interplanetary travel and even more rewarding gameplay:
Spaceships will serve as the main means of accessing new content planets.

Please keep in mind that the Dark Frontiers development and marketing teams want to under-promise and over-deliver so you can expect events and gameplay updates not even included in the roadmap.

So keep your eyes open for announcements and updates on Dark Frontiers social media!

About Dark Frontiers

“Dark Frontiers” is the newest, gamified space realm governed by a Gamestarter produced DAO. As NFT standards and values are shifting towards promoting use-cases, Dark Frontiers’ goal is to drive mainstream adoption by enhancing the usability of NFTs through staking, item ownership, and the creation of real-world value through in-game items.

Embarking on the gamified metaverse, players will pilot their own spaceship and conquer new planets, defeat oppositions, form guilds and capture new and unique NFTs that can either be built on or sold on the open markets.

The $DARK token in Dark Frontiers will cover an array of opportunities. For players interested in dominating entire sections of a universe, say, by owning a moon, or a planet, they can use this digital plot of land to earn interest on their $DARK. The token will not only be used for staking, but players can also purchase and upgrade their starship Galactica’s using $DARK. After upgrading your ship for universal domination, you are prepared to stand head-to-head with other opponents that are in your way!

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Dark Frontiers is a P2E virtual world, produced by Gamestarter.com and powered by $DARK

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Dark Frontiers

Dark Frontiers

Dark Frontiers is a P2E virtual world, produced by Gamestarter.com and powered by $DARK

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