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5 min readDec 19, 2022

The Dark Frontiers team recently hosted a year-in-review on Twitter Spaces, where we discussed multiple aspects of the game’s development, major milestones reached in 2022, and plans for the upcoming year, answered community questions, as well as held a live AMA part at the end.

Present during the space were members of the Gamestarter and Dark Frontiers teams: Founder of Gamestarter — Andrew, Head of Business Development — Martynas, Marketing Manager — Tadas, and our host Joe — Head of Communications.

You can listen to the full discussion and AMA here.

Year Round Up

2022 was a great year for Dark Frontiers. Yes, the market was rough, but the team behind Dark Frontiers has been hard at work building and releasing consistent updates for the game.

Alongside the constant development process, we have:

  • Opened two separate playtesting opportunities for our community to experience the game and give their feedback
  • Held influencer livestreams
  • Greatly expanded the scope of the game
  • Binance Custody support for $DARK
  • Successful land sale
  • Launched the marketplace
  • Started suit staking
  • Got the official Twitter and Telegram pages verified
  • Released a cinematic teaser trailer

Dark Frontiers saw massive changes since the beginning of the year. You can see how much the project has progressed, illustrated in this video:

Additionally, you can see our medium articles for a more in-depth view of our monthly progress on the game.

Plans for 2023

From a business perspective, we are in talks with quite a few projects as well as major influencers for collaboration, in order to get Dark Frontiers into as many hands as possible. We want the largest possible audience of players to experience the game and create a feedback loop so that we all can benefit from Dark Frontiers becoming the best experience it can be by combining the best from blockchain and traditional gaming.

From a development standpoint, first and foremost the core team is focused on the quality of the offering. “Gameplay first, blockchain second” as Gamestarter’s motto has it. The first step was to lay out the foundations of this massive project — creating the underlying tools and systems, the world and its size, design elements, base items, and enemies. Now that the core of the content is moving towards being finished, we are proceeding to expand on the finer details of the game like polishing, improving, and iterating the gameplay experience, expanding the essential elements further. In-game economy, tokenomics, PVP, quests, bosses, combat mechanics, etc. are likely to be next in line for upgrades.

We see the bear market as a great opportunity to stay focused on development and hope to deliver continuous updates while listening to community feedback next year.

We can’t wait to give our community more access to the game. By having more playtests, streamathons, and events as some of our initiatives for 2023.

Pre-Alpha Access For Suit Owners

Our next incoming major milestone is the Pre-Alpha Access for suit owners. The playtest is set to start sometime later in January. This will be the first-ever as well as the longest playtest that gives access to the current Pre-Alpha version of Dark Frontiers for players owning a spacesuit to explore.

There will be a sign-up for the playtest, but all suit owners who sign-up will be able to participate. We also plan for players to be able to experience PVP in this playtest as well as more gameplay content. More info will be shared as we move closer to the date of the event.

New Website

Our new website is a full redesign. We’re giving it a fresh look and feel to represent the game better, and display more details about the game so that newcomers have a better understanding of what the game is about and experienced community members can quickly find what they are looking for. The new and improved website is expected to launch soon.

$DARK Burn

Good news for those excited about tokenomics! We are preparing to enable the $DARK burn consisting of the marketplace fees collected. You can expect to see a separate announcement about the details and date once it’s ready very soon.

Detailed Roadmap for 2023

After the upcoming playtest is finished, a detailed roadmap for 2023 that will expand upon the current one will be released. The first drafts are already in progress but expect to see this sometime after the January Pre-Alpha playtests finish and player feedback has been gathered to make sure players and developers are on the same footing — building the game we all want to see.

Quick Development Update

We will be releasing a more in-depth development update soon, but until then we wanted to share the major features implemented in Q4 by the development team:

  • 200+ new items for crafting
  • Added a new server location in South-East Asia
  • Added four new enemies (models, textures, animations) for the Desert area
  • Added Water and swimming functionality to the game
  • Improved player animations, status effects (buffs, debuffs), item stats
  • Physics update
  • UI improvements
  • Many other improvements

Currently being worked on:

  • PVP — implemented an open world PVP zone, and working on Arena PVP and Melee combat PVP
  • Quest content
  • Balancing of the game
  • Quality of life updates

We hope you have enjoyed our journey through 2022 with Dark Frontiers and our year-end round-up on Twitter Spaces with an astonishing panel. Remember to be active on our social media and voice your opinions on the polls or questions that we regularly submit to you, whether on Twitter, Discord, or Telegram. Your feedback shapes the game!

Thank you for your support and passion for Dark Frontiers. We are looking forward to another great year together!

About Dark Frontiers

Dark Frontiers is a new sci-fi mmo developed by Gamestarter, in which GameFi & NFTs play a vital role in all major aspects of this high-tier quality project: NFTs will be used for staking, item ownership, and the creation of real-world value through in-game items.

The title features high-quality graphics, a stellar soundtrack, and an overall feel which will remind the player of great off-chain titles

Starting from a rugged moon base, the players will fight aliens and join alliances, form guilds, defeat PVE and PVP opposition, and discover new NFTs that can either be used to enhance one’s arsenal, or can be sold on secondary markets.

Dark Frontiers will be the first title to implement Gamestarter’s revolutionary Play 2 Immerse (P2I) playing mode: This model aims to leverage the gaming communities & guilds, and rewards the most active players for their in-game and off-game actions: players will be earning $DARK tokens by helping out newbies, writing how-to guides, and being a pillar of the Dark Frontiers in general.

The $DARK token is where both players and token holders will be able to benefit: players will be able to buy upgrades and plots of land with the token, and owning land, a moon or a planet, will generate interest for the player staking property. This will create a virtuous circle, where the price of $DARK will increase, thus benefiting token holders too.

Strap your space suit, set your phasers on kill: it’s time to explore the galaxy!

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Dark Frontiers

Dark Frontiers is a P2E virtual world, produced by Gamestarter.com and powered by $DARK