Dark Frontiers Development Update #4

The Dark Frontiers development team is hard at work to bring everyone a P2E gaming experience that the space has never seen before. Over the last few weeks the team has implemented the following features:
• Basic skills and level system for character progression

• Map area markers and HUD interface
• Interactive game map
• Skybox and cloud layer improvements

• Inventory system improvements
• Concepts for area bosses
• Monologues for NPCs

• Main quest series improvements

• Models and textures for 3 new enemy NPCs
• Improved lightning for game areas
• Set dressing for new map areas
• 3D interior and environment assets, optimization
• Quality of life improvements
• Bug fixes

Keep your eyes open for announcements and updates on Dark Frontiers social media!

About Dark Frontiers

“Dark Frontiers” is the newest, gamified space realm governed by a Gamestarter produced DAO. As NFT standards and values are shifting towards promoting use-cases, Dark Frontiers’ goal is to drive mainstream adoption by enhancing the usability of NFTs through staking, item ownership, and the creation of real-world value through in-game items.

Embarking on the gamified metaverse, players will pilot their own spaceship and conquer new planets, defeat oppositions, form guilds and capture new and unique NFTs that can either be built on or sold on the open markets.

The $DARK token in Dark Frontiers will cover an array of opportunities. For players interested in dominating entire sections of a universe, say, by owning a moon, or a planet, they can use this digital plot of land to earn interest on their $DARK. The token will not only be used for staking, but players can also purchase and upgrade their starship Galactica’s using $DARK. After upgrading your ship for universal domination, you are prepared to stand head-to-head with other opponents that are in your way!

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